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CNC Audiophile Silver Colored Turntable Headshell
CNC Audiophile Silver Colored Turntable Headshell

CNC Audiophile Silver Colored Turntable Headshell

Cartridge to 'S' Tonearm Bracket
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Turntable AudioPhile Headshell

Uniquely equipped with extra long cartridge screw slots for maximum compatibility, excluding cartridge, the total headshell weight as installed including the wireset leads, fingerlift, two screws, two nuts and two washers is about 13.5 grams,  which varies depending on length of screws needed. This machined headshell is equipped with high quality silver-litz wireleads, gold plated barrel pins and sockets for your cartridge and so will provide decades of maximum sound quality.

NOTE: While this headshell works great, we feel the factory left in a few small nicks here and there. As such, during our initial offering, we are passing a great deal to you.


  • True "audiophile" quality for superior fit function.
  • Twelve holes and granulated surfaces for spurious harmonic feedback rejection.  Harmonics travel more easily over smooth surfaces.
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) precisely machined from a single block of "aircraft" grade aluminum. Design improvements may occur without notice.
  • Many standard aluminum headshells are die cast aluminum. Design improvements not possible.
  • Furukawa of Japan sourced 5N Pure Silver litz wire wireset. Each of the 4 cables assemblies have about seven strands of 0.1mm diameter 99.999+% pure soft annealed silver wires. Twisted for maximum noise rejection.
  • Extra long mounting slots for maximum cartridge installation flexibility.
  • Headshell lead sockets are gold plated.
  • Barrel azimuth factory set at 0°

Generally it will fit any turntable with a 'S' (SME/JEI type)shaped tonearm. It requires an empty socket at the front end of the tonearm.
Your socket must be .300 inches in diameter, have a notch in the top for the headshell alignment pin and have four contact in the socket in a square pattern as well as a rotating locking on the tonearm to hold this headshell in place.

If you have a single set screw on the tonearm that holds a headshell in place, then this is not the headshell for you.

5 Stars
Nice Rigid Headshell
Almost 2g heavier than the Jelco HS20, but sounds good with silver wires and gold contacts. Not azimuth adjustable, but not $27.00 more either. Sounds good, result of good wires, leads and rigidity. Pairing with a ShureM97xE.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from San Francisco, CA. on 1/13/2018

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