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Conductive! Carbon Fiber Infused Turntable Platter Mat
Conductive! Carbon Fiber Infused Turntable Platter Mat

Conductive! Carbon Fiber Infused Turntable Platter Mat

Anti-Static Conductive Platter Mat
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Conductive! Carbon Fiber Layered Turntable Record Mat

Here's the mat that's got your back. 

Our BLISS™ conductive carbon fiber mat (CCFM) mat actively dissipates that troublesome static electricity. The CCFM has a carbon fiber sheet with a satin sheen on one side that not only strengthens the overall felt structural integrity but also conducts electricity - exactly what you need to get rid of static electricity which of course reduces unwanted playback artifacts caused by said static electricity.  A little known fact is that the center spindle on most turntables has a conductive path to ground, which as an aside is a great place to touch in order to discharge static electricity from your body each time before picking up a record.

The spindle grounding path relies on the ground wire being properly hooked up to your system so don't forget that important setup step.  By placing this mat on your turntable with the carbon fiber sheet side facing UP, the center hole of the sheet should make enough contact with your center spindle to discharge static electricity across the entire top surface of your new mat so when you place a record on it, the mat will instantly discharge the entire bottom surface of the record! 

Try one today you'll hear the difference!  Live in an extra low humidity area? Couple the CCFM mat with our no-static arm to attack the bottom and top of your static-generating records at all times during playback for a real one-two punch on static electricity.

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