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COVID-19 Activity

Need a home activity for COVID-19 Quarantine? Play LP Records & Tapes You Already Have.

Getting tired of endless streaming movies & shows?  Here's an idea, how 'bout playing some of the music you already love and probably have sitting around the house.  For about the price of 2 movie theater tickets you can probably get your records playing with just a new stylus and sometimes a new platter belt.  

Old Turntable Stereo System in Home

Many households still have a crate of records sitting around in the attic or basement along with a turntable somewhere.  Need help getting the vinyl spinning again?  TurntableNeedles is staffed with a senior electronics technician and a trained help staff available to help you by phone, email or chat.   TTN is safely filling order every day at full capacity during the 2020 virus outbreak.  Due to supply fluctuations we always carry a huge inventory.  Now with at least one needle manufacturer shutdown as of  press time, April 6th, 2020,  future availability may be uncertain with some products, so now is a great time to get a new stylus delivered right to your door and get those records spinning again.  Got a favorite tape you haven't heard in years?  We help with that too.  We supply tape deck belts and we can help you find the belt you need from our huge selection of over 600 sizes.

We know it may have been a couple decades since you've spun a record or watched grandma do it so we are available by phone at 1+541-754-3664 to help you navigate numerous choices.  Below we have assembled a few links on our site to help answer common questions you may run into when trying to get back in to vinyl.  

The 1st thing you may run into is a common problem of super low volume when trying to hook up a turntable to a relatively new stereo system.  Historically, turntables don't have a built-in preamp to amplify the very tiny signal coming out of the cartridge and so they rely on a preamp.  The preamp back in the 70s and 80s was built into the stereo receiver or amplifier.  So basically if your receiver does not have an input specifically labeled "PHONO" then you will need a ***preamp here.***  If you have a "PHONO" input then the turntable will only play back at the correct volume when it is plugged into that specific input.

Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Once that is out of the way, usually all you need is a new record stylus and often a rubber belt to turn the platter.     Just start on the image below where we have over 80,000 models already listed with the most common customer replaceable parts available.  Then the search results page for your model will have further search tools specifically for finding a needle by the cartridge number, original stylus number and so on in case you don't have a visual match to your old needle which you must have before proceeding as finding a stylus by the player model along becomes problematic if someone has changed the cartridge as some point.  This happens about 1/3rd of the time so be careful and patient if you don't initially have that visual match.

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