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Record Player, Reel to Reel, 8-Track, Turntable & Tape Deck Parts Tool

Part Search Results for your GARRARD 2025TC :

Model: 2025TC
BELTS: All Belts sold individually. When you buy 2 or more belt sizes, you are creating a belt kit "on the fly". Replacing all belts at once avoids multiple repairs.
LITERATURE: All docs are PDF DOWNLOAD, never paper. Service manuals & schematics buy you 5 minutes phone or email troubleshooting. Excludes component level.
NEEDLES: Correct purchase requires visual shape match to old needle assembly. If a cartridge has ever been changed, it destroys the presumed model to needle match below.
QUESTION: Comments, typos, bad crosses, new info to help other owners of your player.... [email protected]
Thumb Part# Notes Price Cart
no_ref BE CAREFUL - at various production runs this unit seems to have shipped with at least 3 different cartridges requiring different stylus.


P-226D Ceramic cartridge. If result differs from original then it's our recommended sub for equal or better performance.


RD1007z Discwasher Vinyl Record Care Cleaning System with 1.69 Oz Cleaner & Bonus 4oz Spray


SFG-4 Economical Digital Stylus Force Gauge


494- for Garrard KS40A cartridge if still present.


864- for Varco type cartridges.


protractor helpful tool for either re-aligning old or setting up new cartridge.


1499-72 Inter Wheel for OEM part #73991 A.K.A. 1407-05 & IW11


rubbermat modern standard rubber mat. Suitable for 'most' players.


1499-10 N.O.S. Passes Professional inspection before shipment.


FBM25.0 Platter Belt. All belts sold individually.


ASTATIC-183 some customers report this cartridge in use.


ASTATIC-756 some customers report this cartridge in use.


StylusBrush2 Stylus Cleaning Brush


165- stylus for Astatic 183 cartridge


808- stylus for ORIGINAL Sonotone 9Ta Cartridge if still present.




Find BLISS Turntable Needle by OEM Cartridge Part Number
NEEDLE references, are always contingent upon the cartridge currently installed.
If you have a visual mismatch above (other than color), then look for a cartridge number directly on the cartridge and click above button. Failing that, look for a cartridge number in the owner's manual or email us pics. Be very careful, about 30% of the time someone has changed the original cartridge which then out dates the cartridge # in the book. We have 13,000 OEM cartridge numbers crossed to our modern BLISS brand needles!

Find BLISS Turntable Needle by OEM Needle Part Number
If you have a visual mismatch above (other than color), then look for an original needle number. Be careful as needle numbers found directly on the deck/plinth or turntable literature may be outdated if someone changed the cartridge. If you know the cartridge has never been changed or you have the booklet for the current cartridge with the needle number listed inside, or the needle # is printed on the needle (stylus) assembly, then proceed to above link or email us pics. We have 17,000 OEM needle numbers crossed to our modern BLISS brand needles!

Find Rubber Belts, Idler Wheels and Tires by OEM Service Part Number
If your belt or idler wheel is not listed by make/model above then continue here to search rubber parts by the original manufacture's service manual part number. We have over 11,000 original part numbers cross referenced down to our 650 belt, idler and tire sizes.

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