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Stylus 200_D7C for Fisher Needle 4-1579-22690

Our ID#:200^D7C|>Fisher_4-1579-22690
Stylus 200_D7C for Fisher Needle 4-1579-22690
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Fisher Needle 4-1579-22690 Current Replacement Stylus.

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People Often Ask: What Stylus do I need for my Fisher 4-1579-22690?


1. Among other applications, our Stylus 200-D7C has been specifically matched to your Needle Number 4-1579-22690 (but visually confirm before continuing).


If further clarification is needed then, all known model name or part number equivalent variations found in Fisher service & marketing literature, or aftermarket references of your 4-1579-22690 are included in the following look-up chart.


2. Fisher 4-1579-22690 Cross-Reference Table:


4-1579-22690 Lookup Chart
Brand NameNeedleStylus Solution
  • 4-1579-22690
  • 4 1579 22690
  • 4157922690
  • 200-D7C
  • 4-1579-22690
  • 4 1579 22690
  • 4157922690
  • 200-D7C


    People also ask: Do you have more info related to whether or not this Stylus is right for my 4-1579-22690 by Fisher?


    3. We may have additional answers including upgrades, downgrades, substitutes, visual confirmations or related items for your Needle Number by checking out the more info section below.

    Additional Information



    ? "D7C" =Diamond 0.7 mil bonded conical tip needle for use at 16, 33 or 45 speeds. NOT for 78 rpm speed.
    ? 2.5 - 4 grams tracking pressure.
    ? C= needle for record changers-slightly firmer to activate changermechanism. NON-critical feature-House brand should be a very acceptable alternative.
    ? Original needle color is usually: RED

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