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NEW - GROUNDED Carbon Fiber Record Brush
-Grounded- Carbon Fibre Brush

NEW - GROUNDED Carbon Fiber Record Brush

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Grounded Carbon Fiber LP Record Brush

Nov. 2021 New improved version with thicker ground wire for greater durability.

As of Nov. 2018 BLISS exclusively offers the newly redesigned Carbon Fiber Cleaner.

What's New?

The plain carbon fiber brush has been marketed under numerous brands for years now.  The older design can discharge static electricity from the record surface as claimed but this could only be effectively done if the user is holding the metal handle and is grounded at the same time.  Now with our new redesign, the brush comes with a ground wire for perfect static discharge every time when properly installed. 

But Why?

Vinyl records naturally build up static, and especially so in drier conditions.  Combine carpet with low humidity and you have static electricity.  You don't have to be seeing sparks everywhere for static to be heard in your playback.  Best practice is to remove static from the record surface immediately before each side is played for best audio performance through minimal static discharge during play.

And How?

During installation, attach the fork lug to an external grounded screw on your receiver's metal chassis; this is usually the thumb screw near the phono input.  If present this likely already has your turntable's ground wire attached. In the absence of that, a screw that screws into metal used to to fasten the metal cover in place should be electrically at chassis ground to provide sufficient static discharge.  If in doubt, just email a few photos of the back of your receiver to our tech for a qualified opinion.

Once your ground wire is properly attached, then as before, thousands of bristles reach down into the grooves of the record to remove dust. At the same time the brush removes static electricity, a big cause for pops crackles and other unwanted noise events. Quick and easy to use, requires no liquid, just a few rotations around the record in a radial pattern before each play and its done. The handle folds under to protect the bristles while not in use.


Is the wire removable?
Yes it just plugs into the handle so as needed if desired, you could take it to another turntable and use it in the same manner as older designs without having to detach the wire from the ground screw in the back.

Do the folks at turntableneedles use it in the back office?
Yes, we are using the one we opened for pictures at our one of our test stations.

Are there other ways to use it?
Yes, with the ground wire correctly installed, every time to approach your turntable, if you touch the brush it will discharge static from you before you handle your records.  This is especially useful in a carpeted and/or low humidity room. 
Secondly, if you rig up a way on the left side of your turntable for even just a small amount of the bristles to be touching the edge of the record as it plays you will be constantly draining potential static buildup away from your record!

Is this primarily a a cleaner or a static discharge tool?

While the competition that offer the outdated version of this tool under many names and say its a cleaner, our founder, an electronics technician since 1988, considers it primarily a static discharge tool and secondly a duster.  It is good for dusting surface lint and yes it can reach down into the grooves but we don't consider it a deep cleaner.  We do not recommends its use with various liquid cleaners as there are other products better suited for that.

3 Stars
Grounded carbon fiber record brush
Works well for brushing dust/lint off of records. I had to re solder the wire to the banana plug because it broke. I wish the wire was a little bit longer and bigger.
Helpful?  4 of 5 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Hanover MD. on 6/24/2019
5 Stars
GROUNDED Carbon Fiber Record Brush
Milty included the brush as a free gift when I purchased a Zerostat 3. I thought it was cheesy until I tried it. It works! And well! I also had an issue where the wire attaches to the brush. It broke within a few days so I frayed the wire about a half inch. I pulled the plastic end off the connection point and wrapped the bare wire around the post. I replaced the plastic cap end and it functions perfectly. I like the brush bristle too as it is very dense and strong resulting in very clean static free records.
Helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 9/25/2020
4 Stars
Grounded Carbon Fiber Record Brush
I'd been using my old Realistic carbon fiber brush for something like 30 years, but it got old and I figured it's time to see if a newer brush would be better. I'm pleased to report that this brush has worked out fine. I read about the fragile connection of the ground wire so I've been very careful with it. So far so good. The bristles on this new brush are much stiffer than on the old Realistic brush. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but the new brush seems to work well. It feels solidly made, nice and chunky feel to it. For $20 I think it's a good deal. 4 stars because the ground wire is kind of short. Otherwise, it's a keeper. Thanks.
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 1/2/2021
5 Stars
Works great
I've relatively new to the carbon fiber brush scene. This is my second, and it seems the grounding wire REALLY helps pick up the lint. My prior brush was always leaving dust on the records so I had to wipe 3 or 4 times. With this one, I only need one or two passes. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by:  from Jamaica Plain. on 2/1/2022
5 Stars
Grounded Record Brush
I was pretty skeptical, but this brush definitely seems to break the static cling between the vinyl and the dust. My old microfiber brush would do a lot of pushing dust around, but it was not effective at removing it from the record because of the static. Records now appear much cleaner after treatment than before.
Reviewed by:  from Tualatin. on 7/21/2022
5 Stars
Record brush
Have been looking for this for a long time. I’m glad I found it, here at turntableneedles .com. Happy with it use it every time I listen to my records. I believe it helps with the static on the albums and cleans the record well too.
Reviewed by:  from Mich. on 2/9/2020

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