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Belt Install VIDEO

Well it may not be a turntable belt installation diagram for your specific model, but we are very pleased to offer the next best thing, a 2min 49sec instructional video.   It will show the novice turntable user some names of the basic parts of the turntable, and how to install that pesky belt onto your turntable!!!

You may also find this Sony turntable belt installation page full of diagrams very useful.

General turntable belt installation instructions:

1.) Remove rubber pad/mat.
2.) Remove platter just beneath mat.
2b) Some platters are "press fit" onto the center shaft and seemingly can't be removed, the trick is to lift up on the platter while simultaneously lightly tapping on the top of the shaft with a hammer. While others may have a "E" clip at the base of the center shaft which must be removed with a screwdriver, with care that it doesn't fly away before the platter can be removed.
3.) Use rubbing Alcohol soaked cloth to clean outside of large 'lip' or ledge underneath platter and the (usually) brass pulley shaft on platter drive motor which should now be visible.
4.) Install belt around the ledge underneath platter. Belt should be somewhat snug without falling off.
5.) Optional: Clean then Lube main center platter shaft of turntable with 3-in-1 oil or similar.
6.) Re-install platter.
7.) look thru 'access window' in platter and rotate platter until platter motor becomes visible.
8.) Stretch belt from platter ledge over to far side of motor pulley.
9.) Re-install mat and start player.

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