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Stylus 621_DE for Pioneer Needle PJ-N6

Stylus 621_DE for Pioneer Needle PJ-N6
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Pioneer Needle PJ-N6 Current Replacement Stylus.

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People Often Ask: What Stylus do I need for my Pioneer PJ-N6?


1. Among other applications, our Stylus 621-DE has been specifically matched to your Needle Number PJ-N6 (but visually confirm before continuing).


If further clarification is needed then, all known model name or part number equivalent variations found in Pioneer service & marketing literature, or aftermarket references of your PJ-N6 are included in the following look-up chart.


2. Pioneer PJ-N6 Cross-Reference Table:


PJ-N6 Lookup Chart
Brand NameNeedleStylus Solution
  • PJ-N6
  • PJ N6
  • PJN6
  • 621-DE
  • PJ-N6
  • PJ N6
  • PJN6
  • 621-DE


    People also ask: Do you have more info related to whether or not this Stylus is right for my PJ-N6 by Pioneer?


    3. We may have additional answers including upgrades, downgrades, substitutes, visual confirmations or related items for your Needle Number by checking out the more info section below.

    Additional Information



    ? "DE" =Diamond Elliptical tip needle for use at 16, 33 or 45 speeds. NOT for 78 rpm speed.
    Elliptical needles have more efficient contact with the surface of the record than a conical tip.

    More Info

    Link to more service info about your Needle Number

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