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Terms - Returns


Quick Summary:

  • Your personal info/Email: Fedex, USPS, shopperapproved.com, shift4shop.com, trustedsite.com, shift4.com & DHL or their necessary affiliates may receive your info when you order from our site. Such as to confirm a shipping address, provide a tracking # or request a review. We NEVER SELL customer info.

  • NOTE: ALL returned items subject to professional inspection/confirmation.
  • Some large debit/credit card orders may be subject to anti-fraud measures. You may need to verify a temporary small charge amount to help fight card fraud which causes a small shipping delay. Consider Paypal to avoid above these anti-fraud measures.
  • Yes, we accept returns in the same condition as received. (undamaged by the customer.)
  • No RMA required. Your enclosed, detailed, note is your RMA! Because customers should "authorize" returns not sellers, right?
  • All returns must be received within 90 days after shipment.
  • Cash Refunds Under $50: Subject to a $4.00** flat fee. Regardless of reason for return.
  • No restock fee for exchanges or store credit.
  • Cash refunds Over $50: Subject to a 20% restock/return/cancel fee.
  • Paypal as of 2020 never returns "merchant" fees (about 3-5%). If you cancel a paypal order *before* your items ships, we refund 100% of what Paypal returns to us (about 97%).
  • Seller pays standard shipping to buyer. Buyer pays return shipping.
  • You are responsible for providing the correct shipping address. Wrong address voids insurance. Don't ship your package to your feuding neighbor & ask us to ship another for free! (yes this actually happened once!)
  • All USA shipping addresses are auto-corrected to USPS official database including 9 digit zip code unless you direct us not to in ALL CAPS in the checkout comment box. (ie new unlisted address)
  • Allow up to 2 weeks after mailing back your exchange before calling us.
  • Int'l customers (outside USA): You may have tariffs charges imposed by your country's customs authority, these taxes do not come from us! We reserve right to change shipping carrier to better navigate int'l requirements.
  • Minimum order is $10

Tricksters Only:

Circa 2010: Our website may look great, BUT don't presume that means we are so big that we don't inspect, know and document the perfection of every needle tip that leaves this facility. Look, you cannot break a needle during installation nor months later, then jam, cram, or stuff it back into the holder, mail it back to us and expect a refund. Nor will we believe your story that we sent it to you in such a ridiculous condition!! As is the case throughout history......."you break it, you bought it". We are professionals, we have microscopes, and we know how to use them! We've visually inspected 100s of 1000s of needles. We know the differences among a factory defect , our mistake and a botched customer installation. Just tell us what really happened and we will treat you very fairly. Admitting to a botched installation attempt will, (unlike any other website in any industry) in most cases, (see terms below) net you a 50% discount on a 2nd replacement!! That's right, 50% off most broken needles because we are not looking to make a profit off of your misfortune. We know it may have been 2 decades since you last installed a needle so there is no need to lie to us about it. We are so fair it's unnecessary.

Additionally, please don't bother returning:
our belts with oil/grease or WD40 all over them.
a wrong idler wheel that you drilled out the center hole, just to see if it would fit. (real examples)

2011 New amazing issues:
If you received a product you perceive as defective but simply placed a new order because it is not worth your time to return it, that's ok. But if you make a vague complaint about it only in the new order comments window of the 2nd order as you checkout, you have no basis to complain on a product review that we did not 'address your complaint'. We don't look for serious complaints that require our attention in the new order comments window, as no one who has a serious unresolved issue is going to place a repeat order until it is resolved to their satisfaction. If you think the product was defective, why would you risk re-ordering the exact same thing without talking to someone 1st?

If you went ahead
on your own without notifying us and repaired a product that became defective because it's not worth your time to return it, that's ok. However, this gives us no chance to address your issue. So, as with any other product, your home repair has voided the warranty. Please don't blackmail us by demanding a free no verification replacement in order to write a positive product or website review.

If you choose to slap us with a paypal dispute or credit card chargeback before or immediately after contacting us about an order lost in the mail or a part you think is bad or during the exchange process, you have removed the monies from our account. Without payment for product we are no longer obligated to send you replacement parts. Because Paypal and credit cards allow 45 to 90 days to contest a charge, you have plenty of time to contest a charge after we have made our attempts to satisfy you. They strongly urge consumers to try to resolve disputes prior to filing a dispute or complaint with them, so, those who choose to start the lost in mail or exchange process 1st thing with a chargeback (paypal dispute) will be classifying themselves with a high risk status. Any subsequent business will be on a cash or money order basis prior to delivery. Or we may simply ask you to take your business elsewhere.

Jan. 2014 We get a fair number of order comments about this section. 99% are akin to "I haven't laughed that hard all day" & "I saw you are fair so I confidently ordered". Rarely we get a comment like "the tricksters section is overboard/paranoid/jaded etc etc. so I left or barely placed an order." But at the same time we've not had to add issues here since 2011! So, maybe just maybe this section has weeded out a few bad apples so the rest of us can get (and give) faster service to keep that vinyl spinning 'round 'round. So, thank you to all the "normal" people who read and enjoy this section.

Us Normal People:

Shipping Address:
Maybe this should be under the trickster section above but seriously, you are responsible for providing us a correct shipping address. We will not re-send your order for free if you gave us the wrong address. If you purchased package insurance it is null and void if you provided us the wrong address. Even if it is only off by one digit, it's still wrong. We do check every USA address for validity with the post office. But it only gets red flagged if you type in an invalid address, not if you type in your neighbor's valid address. In fact go to USPS.COM right now just to be sure.
TIP: Consider something like Roboform to autofill your address so you never have such a typo again.
Businesses: Always include the suite number even if you never really use it, We need it to validate your address and ship your order ASAP.

Refund fees/Time Limits:

All returns for a cash refund must be postmarked no later than 45 calendar days after order ships.

Under $50 are subject to a $4.00** flat rate postage, restock, research, handling fee. Refunds Over $50 are subject to a 20% restock fee.

Due to the 100s of 1000s of part numbers at play in this industry spanning many decades, exchanges are a normal part of this business. It is very possible for us to receive and pass on bad cross reference data or for the customer to select the wrong item. We understand and we are glad to help. Like any good business, we are streamlined to get new orders out the door as fast and accurately as possible. With exchanges, we really want to get it right the 2nd time! When we open your exchange, we might:
>> swap it right away for another part.
>> have to send it to research, wait for the result, then contact you.
>> need to contact you for more part numbers, pictures, and so on.

Calling us like 2 days after you mailed in your return (especially *without* your order number) is really gonna just slow us down as we strive to stay caught up so we can give your exchange the extra attention it needs in the order it was received. Please note we only pickup incoming mail at our mail drop about twice a week. So, yes it may look like we have had your exchange for a few days but we really haven't even seen it yet. So, please allow up to 14 days after mailing in a return before asking for a status update.

Website credits:
To avoid a restock fee within 45 days you can choose a 100% store credit* that doesn't expire
. Returned items arriving at our facility from 46 - 90 days after shipment will automatically receive a 100% store credit* that doesn't expire. ALL refund/credit items are contingent upon professional inspection that the returned item is in good, resalable condition with original box, papers etc. (no RMA# required, just mail it in with a note)
Belt return:
The alcohol prep wipe & business card are always yours to keep. Don't mail them back. Always tell us the make/model/type of player so we can update our database to help others better. If you got the wrong size, STOP and read our belt measurement guide so you can accurately tell us the size you need the 2nd time.
Needle return:
Are you leery of that generic needle? You may play 1-2 songs and if you don't like the sound you may return it undamaged (contingent upon professional inspection) for a full credit towards the genuine brand name version. Yes, we have a stylus microscope.
* Store credits are issued in the form of a gift certificate code that can be partially or fully redeemed during checkout of your next purchase.

Got the wrong part? No need to ask if you can exchange it, NO RMA required! Just mail it to:
2517 NW 9th St.
Corvallis, OR 97330-1536
Please include all possible brand/model#'s, cartridge/needle numbers, invoice/order# or a copy or your receipt or your phone # and return address. If you are returning a needle that doesn't fit, then if possible, include the original needle or what's left of it so we can properly match it for you. Don't assume we'll remember an email or phone call from a week or two ago when we open your package so include a note describing what you want to accomplish. RETURNED ITEM MUST BE IN RESALEABLE CONDITION.

In all cases no mater the reason, it is critical to us good packaging!  Do not use a regular envelope to send items other than small belts else your item will often get ripped out of the envelope.  Here is a lucky example were the post office was able to recover the item inside but this is not the norm.

We will repair or replace, subject to inspection, any needle found to have a factory manufacturing defect, free of charge except for your return postage costs, for a period of SIX MONTHS!
Note: This does not include needles broken by customer neglect including but not limited to:
* Broken during a botched installation
* Dropped on the turntable/record
* Snagged on your shirt sleeve
* Worn out prematurely due to leaving it on overnight with pizza on the record like in the movie "16 Candles" or due to excessive tracking pressure. And yes we have a stylus microscope.
Warning: On most needles, the diamond tip is glued into a setting, kinda like on a ring but with glue. So, on very very rare occasions the diamond tip can simply fall off during normal use. We of course consider this a factory defect and will gladly replace it presuming there is no other abuse evidence present. But our warranty is limited to needle replacement only. Record replacement cannot be covered due to a scratch from an empty setting, so buyer beware.
Belts are also covered for 6 months, no questions asked!

Other issues:

Items damaged during installation:
We have a 50% discount program available for most needles. We may require that you mail us back the broken needle if we need more info than what a picture can provide. Exotic super hi-end needles are not included. If in doubt as to how to install a needle call us first.
Items damaged in mail:
This happens about once or twice a year the post office fork lift will run over our package and obliterates a needle. Send us a picture or mail it back for evaluation/replacement. Many times the box is smashed up but the needle survives.

**Refund Explanations:
Due to the difficult nature of finding a belt or needle cross reference, YOU ARE PURCHASING A CROSS REFERENCE SERVICE AS WELL AS A PRODUCT. You are paying for irreversible postage/research/credit card processing fees etc. that your inquiry causes.
Not all the info supplied to us is 100% accurate or totally clear. So, in some cases it may take a second attempt, (requiring you to exchange your needle or belt and include the original). We cannot, and so do not guarantee 1st time accuracy of a cross reference, *but*, we have painstakingly created the best animated pictures to be found anywhere so you can clearly see what you are buying before you commit.
We are the pioneer of 360 degrees of viewing angles. Other needle sites have imitated, no one has duplicated our labor intensive technique. As indicated above we are happy to give you a 'no cost' free exchange.

You can minimize your chances of having to return a needle by making a positive visual match of your old needle to the picture on the website of the needle you are about to order. DO NOT RELY ON MODEL NUMBER ALONE (Searching with a cartridge or needle number is reliable).

Expedited Postage Issues:
If you paid extra to get your part faster, this is a per occurrence fee. If you order the wrong part, we won't pay for you to send it back to us, nor will we pay expedited shipping to send you a replacement. If you ordered the correct part and we send the wrong part number that was not ordered, we will then pay expedited shipping to get you the right part. Bottom line is that in all other cases we will ship for free via first class mail, as many exchanges as you need to get the right part. But if you want it faster, you pay.

If you paid for usps.com priority mail (which should be 2-3 days in US) and it arrives in 2-4 weeks, take it up with your local post office, not us please. This seems to happen about .5% of time during the year and maybe 5% of the time during the Christmas season.

-- TurntableNeedles | BLISS™ Please reply above. Post order correspondence should be from same email address used in order. Steve Win. Sales/Tech Support | TTN Sales: 1+866.235.8728 Support: 1+541.754.3664 www.TurntableNeedles.com TurntableNeedles | BLISS™ Please reply above. Post order correspondence should be from same email address used in order. Steve Win. Sales/Tech Support | TTN Sales: 1+866.235.8728 Support: 1+541.754.3664 www.TurntableNeedles.com
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