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Special Note for our Customers Outside the USA ONLY.
Our "Home" Currency = US Dollar$.
Prices on our site are clickable. All other currencies displayed are for informational purposes only. You may be charged a slightly different amount due to fluctuating currency rates.

Shipping & International Payment Policies:


All items have FREE SHIPPING and handling via first class mail.   We recommend that you select USPS delivery confirmation service for just $4.00. By selecting this service we will also do our absolute best to dispatch your order the same day, if it arrives by 1PM PST. (does not apply to unverified paypal senders/addresses nor would it apply to an address that cannot be confirmed on this page, http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/welcome.jsp). 

Finally we highly recommend choosing package insurance for a small fee, selectable on the shipping checkout page.  This will save lost or smashed in the mail hassles.  On occasion, 1st class mail gets misdirected.  Although the average delivery time is 1-7 days, we have to allow up to 21 days before it can be considered lost in the mail, at which time we will reship your order only to the exact same address, with extra delivery confirmation services free of any charges,*IF* you have NOT removed the monies from our account by prematurely contesting the transaction with your payment provider.  Paypal allows up to 45 days to contest a transaction and credit card companies allow at least 60 days so there is plenty of time to go that route if you are still not satisfied.    We expect you to understand that we will not be motivated to ship an allegedly lost order twice when we have no payment to show for it.


YES! We accept international orders!
Like any US shopping cart that also accepts int'l orders, our shopping cart does NOT require a US state once you have selected your country, 1st!, however you may need to re-enter your city name in the blank state field.  Don't worry the duplicate info will get stripped out when we print your address.
NO! We cannot declare to customs enforcement that your order is a "gift".  Nor can we reduce the declared value.  Please do not ask!  This will stop your order.  However, to stay below your country's tariff threshold, you may be able to split your larger order in to smaller orders if it consists of 2 or more items. Limit one per day.  Any tariffs incurred are between you and your country's import customs agency. We have no involvement and cannot quote you tariff costs.

International 1st class Mail:

In January 2013 the US post office massively increased international shipping rates for all rate classes.  We do not intentionally add any markup for any shipping service.  We only pass along their fees.  If we find a safe way to ship your item at a lower cost in the rate class you chose then we will refund the difference.

• Small belt orders under one ounce and not too thick generally have FREE SHIPPING via International first class letter mail (has NO tracking) which ships from the USA via the United States Post Office. 

Orders up to $75 for belts, needles and other items over about one ounce generally have shipping rates starting at about $6.00 worldwide via International first class mail (has NO tracking) which ships from the USA via the United States Post Office. 

International untrackable 1st class mail usually takes from 6 days to 6 weeks to arrive overseas.  Depending on a variety of factors, all of which are beyond our control.  Please exercise patience before emailing us for a status update.

While 1st class mail is not trackable, most mail (except belts) qualifies for a US Customs id number.  This number is usually scanned inside the USA so you will generally be able to see a proof of mailing in many cases at usps.com.  We don't promise that the US post office will scan your package but usually they do.  

Generally when they do, the last visible scan will show the package leaving the USA from the west coast international export facility which will show a scan at Los Angeles, California.  The package will then "go dark" until it reaches your door.  Again, up to six weeks.

If your package doesn't show up in a timely manner you will want to contact your local post before contacting us.  They often hold international packages for customs fees.

Int'l Priority Mail:

If you are buying a larger item, don't choose "size limited envelope" to save a few dollars.  This will stop your order progress until we obtain your permission to purchase the correct amount of postage.  Priority Mail should automatically display as a selectable option on the shipping checkout page if available to your country).

If your package doesn't show up in a timely manner you will want to contact your local post before contacting us.  They often hold international packages without notification for customs fees.

Int'l Express Mail:

Orders over $100 require International Priority Express Mail (usps.com) or Fedex  A specific shipping quote to your country can be found by starting the checkout process. Once you have your address/country info in the shopping cart then it will show you the exact shipping amount before you enter any credit card info.

If your package doesn't show up in a timely manner you will want to contact your local post before contacting us.  They often hold international packages without notification for customs fees.

International Payments:

We accept international Visa/MasterCard cards, US cash dollars, Paypal or you can send us an international money order or cashier's check drawn in US funds. All paper payment remittances should be in the form of drafts, that is, checks, money orders, or bank drafts, payable to:  AVCR Electronics. Drafts must be redeemable without service or exchange fee through a US institution, must be payable in US dollars, and must be imprinted with American Banking Association routing numbers. International Money Orders and Postal Money Orders that are negotiable only at a post office are not accepted.

Both USA & World:

Shipping to a hotel, motel, hostel, lodge, bed & breakfast etc.
The #1 preventable reason for assuring that your order will never be seen again is to send it to a hotel etc.  Your order has a 90% chance of disappearing forever in a hotel etc. tracking barcode or not.  Signature required or not.

Requirements for orders sent to a hotel etc.

  • Package insurance to a hotel etc. not available - will be refunded prior to shipment.
  • Purchase of a signature confirmation bar code during checkout is MANDATORY !!!!!
  • are limited to $100 in value.
  • Separate email stating that you agree there are no refunds for lost/damaged shipments.
  • Your order will be placed ON HOLD until all above conditions are met.

Expedited Postage Issues:
If you paid extra to get your part faster, this is a per occurrence fee. If you order the wrong part, we won't pay for you to send it back to us, nor will we pay expedited shipping to send you a replacement. If you ordered the correct part and we send the wrong part number that was not ordered, we will then pay expedited shipping to get you the right part. Bottom line is that in all other cases we will ship for free via first class mail, as many exchanges as you need to get the right part. But if you want it faster, you pay.

Orders over $200 require package insurance.
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