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Why Shop Here?

Safety and Security: Our company is A+ rated with the BBB since 2002. PCI scans are performed daily by TrustedSite.  Your credit card number is stored not at our website but at shift4.com, one of the largest online credit card processors.  Our secure connection with your modern browser is certified by Sectigo. We are, "...utilizing SHA256-bit SSL certificates thereby offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure." According to Time.com  We also provide paypal & mail in payment options at the final checkout page for those who wish not to use a credit/debit card.

Trash: Millions of entities worldwide say they are "green" but we directly help you conserve something fun that often refills your home with fond musical memories of yesteryear.  They say the average human tosses 47lbs of E-waste yearly; we are about to do something good together.  Let's get your player working again.

Needle Selection: We shall not attempt to prove a negative like others by claiming no one has more needles than we do. Instead, just know we have over 3000 physical products in house with 1000s more stylus tip configuration choices.  About 650 are belts, and the rest are needles, cartridges and accessories. And yes we are not just giving you a pitch on the site, many needles really are in short supply, but alternate solutions are often available. So if your keeping it, a backup is a good idea. And yes we do have over 100,000 needles and belts in stock! We know of no other site that has made it so easy to find both the right needle and belt in one place as we have over 250,000 cross references on this site organized in several different ways depending on how you want to approach your search.

Photography: It took a long time to get those photos right! If you haven't seen 'em yet boy are you in for a treat. We have hundreds of needles (styli) photographed and animated into a gif file of at least 8 different angles cover 360 degrees! After all it is a diamond and we want you to see every facet of your investment. (press your IE browser's stop button to stop an animation, hit refresh to restart the animation.) We spent months perfecting our photography to get the right needle to you the first time. TIP: Remember never rely on turntable model number alone. Instead always backup a model to needle cross reference with a visual match or use the cartridge number for a more reliable cartridge to needle number match.

Belts: We have tens of thousands of belt cross references. Based on the ratio of belt orders vs. the emails we get asking about an unlisted belt, we guess over 95% of all reel to reels, cassette decks, and turntables are listed. You can find the belt(s) you need in just a few clicks, starting hereFind Needles, Belts, Cartridges, etc. for: Turntables, Record Players, Phonographs, 8-Tracks, Reel to Reel, Cassette Decks and more... . Try that at any other site and you will almost always be sent to a little form to fill out, with your model number etc. to wait for a response.  If you experience an error in our references, we will exchange your belt(s) until it's right or refund your money.

Experts!: The founder of TurntableNeedles.com is a real consumer electronics technician, a 1988 graduate of Heald Institute of Technology, in practice since 1990 as such and licensed by the state of Oregon in 1992 for the repair of audio equipment, VCRs, TVs, Camcorder and yes even turntable repair!  With way over 12,000 repairs completed, we have the resources to help you solve many common problems over the phone.

circa 1994, this storefront on the upper pad across from WINCO Foods (then CUB Foods) lives on as TurntableNeedles.com 

After the sale: Once you have received your order can sometimes be the most important time to call us. If the FAQ page does not answer your installation question, we can help you over the phone to install your needle without the frustration of breaking your new stylus during installation. If you break your needle during installation, call us to inquire about our 50% discount replacement program.

Returns: Yes! we accept returns! Our
return & refund policy link is clearly displayed at the top of our website  at all times. Shop right to avoid returns - Tip of the Century!: If your turntable is from the 1970's or newer, don't rely on your model number alone to figure out the right needle. Back it up with a visual match or try to find a cartridge or needle number as well.

We will repair or replace, subject to inspection, any needle found to have a factory manufacturing defect, free of charge beyond your return postage costs, for a period of SIX MONTHS!
Note: This does not include needles broken by customer neglect including but not limited to:
* Broken during a botched installation
* Dropped on the turntable/record
* Snagged on your shirt sleeve
* Worn out prematurely due to leaving it on overnight with pizza on the record like in the movie "16 Candles" or due to excessive tracking pressure. And yes we have a stylus microscope.
Warning: On most needles, the diamond tip is glued into a setting, kinda like on a wedding ring but with glue. So, on very very rare occasions the diamond tip can simply fall off during normal use. We of course consider this a factory defect (upon microscope inspection confirming no misuse damage) and will gladly replace it, but our warranty is limited to needle replacement only. Record replacement cannot be covered due to a scratch from an empty setting, so buyer beware.
Belts are also covered for 6 months.

ORIGINAL innovators!: We presented topics above that have set us dramatically apart from the competition. Now, in closing, a word to some of that competition that likes to STEAL our thumbnails and our text that took us years to research and slap it up on a "homebrewed" webpage, or EBAY and even put a copyright notice on it. Well we are the original and we have the 'files in progress' to prove it...in a court of law. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do turn.

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