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275361 Type Plug~n~Spin kit for Select Dual Turntables
Stock image - color/markings may vary

275361 Type Plug~n~Spin kit for Select Dual Turntables

Genuine Dual Headshell

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Stylus Type
Bliss Aftermarket Bonded Elliptical Diamond (-$20.00)
Genuine Ortofon Stylus 10 Bonded Elliptical Diamond
Genuine Ortofon Stylus 20 Natural Elliptical Diamond (+$112.00)
Genuine Ortofon Stylus 30 Natural FineLine Diamond (+$200.00)
Genuine Ortofon Stylus 40 Natural Super FineLine FG70 Diamond (+$426.00)
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DUAL 275361 Headshell Kit for Select Dual Turntables, see below


Dual CS431, CS 431 Turntable

Dual CS435-1, CS 435-1 Turntable

Dual CS450, CS 450 Turntable

Dual CS450 gold edition, Turntable

Dual CS455, CS 455 Turntable

Dual CS503-1,  CS 503-1 Turntable

Dual CS503/2???? looks slightly different please email us with more info.

Dual CS505,  CS 505 Turntable

Dual CS505-2, CS 505-2 Turntable

Dual CS505-3 (SOME) if equipped with socketed locking collar arm.

Dual CS505-4, CS 505-4 Turntable

Dual CS515, CS 515 Turntable

Dual CS530, CS 530 Turntable

Dual CS610Q, CS 610Q Quartz Turntable

Dual CS616Q, CS 616Q Quartz Turntable

Dual CS620Q, CS 620Q Quartz Turntable

Dual CS630Q, CS 630Q Quartz Turntable

Dual CS2210, CS 2210 Turntable

Dual CS2215, CS 2215 Turntable

Dual CS2225Q, CS 2225Q Quartz Turntable

Dual CS2235Q, CS 2235Q Quartz Turntable

CAUTION: Headshell looks like a match on these tables but is built in; not user-replaceable.

DUAL CS435 Turntable

Dual CS435-1 Turntable

Marantz tt42p Turntable

Also appears to be a functional replacement for the following obsolete Dual service part numbers: 277955 & 277956 & 275052

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