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About Us

Present - We continue to daily improve our web presence.   Cross reference info is gathered and vetted daily in order to provide you with the best info, easily accessible, so you can find the right part the 1st time.

Nov. 2008 - We relaunched  TurntableNeedles.com on a new platform from 3dcart.com.  Now light years ahead of our old 3rd party platform, 3dcart regularly improves their ecommerce offering.

Early 2007 - We are working feverishly behind the scenes to constantly improve our site.  Soon we will have several hundred more ceramic cartrridges and idler wheels added to our site to serve you better.  We enjoy tweaking our site to make it as user friendly as possible.  Our main motive is to spend our time improving our site so you can come in, find what you need as enjoyably as possible and then get on with what you do. ( which hopefully includes listening to records and telling your friends as well)

We can now declare..."The analog resurgence is on! ". Orders are on the rise. People all over the planet are pulling out the old turntable, installing a new needle and belt and spinning vinyl again.  Why? well how else can you listen to all your favorite tunes from yesteryear at such a low cost?  Not only are people transferring their vinyl to digital to save the expense of buying titles in digital if they can even be found, but they are also playing records again just for the nostalgia or pure enjoyment.

July '04 - over 17 months in site development, we are now celebrating the launch of our new site TurntableNeedles.com, the replacement for TurntableBelts.com with 360 degree rotating views of all turntable cartridges & needles for magnetic cartridges. We are very pleased to offer this world wide industry first. Also the new site features an advanced frame resident shopping cart from Monster Commerce that allows you to view your product continuously will operating your cart. Specializing in obsolete impossible to find needles and ceramic cartridges, you're sure to find what you need. Even though our new site is TurntableNeedles.com, belts are now easier than ever to find. With thousands of clickable belt cross references already online, we will soon sport over 26,000 reel to reel, tape deck and turntable belt cross references allowing you to find your belt in just 4-5 clicks without having to type in your model number.

The 1990s -  TurntableNeedles.com Inc. began in 1992 as a VCR repair shop, AVCR Electronics.  As the 1990s progressed more and more locals started coming in asking about a belt for their turntable.  With VCRs selling new for $30 at times, we needed a new line of income and fast.  Once we were able to pay our VCR repair shop rent by selling belts on the internet in 2000, the future was clear.  Bye Bye VCRs and hello to helping people through the internet get back into vinyl.

So enjoy, have a look around, we even put in a few typos 'cause we really want you to email us what you think:)

Please click on CONTACT US above for more info.

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