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Banana DJ Unibody Deck Cartridge for SME Tonearms
Banana DJ Unibody Deck Cartridge for SME Tonearms

Banana DJ Unibody Deck Cartridge for SME Tonearms

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The Tonar Banana DJ cartridge is custom-crafted from the famous Concorde DJ designs. This largely European only cartridge is now making it's way to the US. Selling for upwards of $150 in Europe; now is a great time to take advantage of our introductory low price that won't last.

Cartridge weight 22.0 grams (verified)
Type of stylus 0.7 mil spherical diam.
Frequency response 20-20,000Hz.
Output voltage 1000 Hz/5cm/sec > 5 mV
Channel seperation at 1000 Hz >20 dB
Channel balance at 1000 Hz <2 dB
Dynamic compliance horizontal 8 micrometer/mN
Dynamic compliance vertical 8 micrometer/mN
Recommended tracking force 30-50 mN (3-5 grams)
Optimum tracking force 40 mN (4 grams)
Tracking ability at 315 Hz (lateral) 70 micrometer
Vertical tracking angle 20°
FIM distortion 1.8%
DC resistance 600 Ohm
Recommended load resistance 47 K. Ohm
Recommended load capacitance 400 pF
Cartridge mounting SME only which is any curved ("S" shaped) tonearm.

Manufactured in Denmark by a very famous DJ cartridge maker who's name starts with an "O". :)

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