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Tonearm Cueing Lever Mechanism Damping Oil

Tonearm Cueing Lever Mechanism Damping Oil

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Damping Oil for Tonearm Cueing Mechanism

Is your tonearm "slamming" your stylus down too quickly on your record?

If so, then this is likely what you need. Heat, time and bad design may cause your cueing lever assembly to lose some of its fluid that is used to slow the descent of  your stylus onto your vinyl.  Discovered by our senior repair technician to be used as a direct factory replacement used in numerous turntables over the decades, this goo is handily applied with the narrow body syringe to fit tight spots with minimal mess however it is up to the user to determine where and how to apply but generally there is a part that acts like a piston that is pushed down by the tonearm when the lever is pulled forward.


  • Non-Toxic but don't eat this silicone goo.
  • 1ml syringe is the right size to navigate most any tonearm mechanism and should be enough for several tables.
  • reusable cap.
  • Approximate consistency of honey. (300k cst)
  • never dries out.
  • stable over a wide range of temperatures
  • non-petroleum based

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