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Needle 372
Needle 372

Needle 372

Needle 372, the V

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Replaces EV needle number 2628
JENSEN needle J2

has a sapphire 2mil 'compromise' tip that plays all speeds.
Found in:
Electro-Voice cartridge 10
Electro-Voice cartridge 15
Electro-Voice cartridge 16
Electro-Voice cartridge 17
Electro-Voice cartridge 18
Electro-Voice cartridge 40
Electro-Voice cartridge 43
Electro-Voice cartridge 44
Electro-Voice cartridge 48
Electro-Voice cartridge 49
Electro-Voice cartridge 50
Electro-Voice cartridge 134
Electro-Voice cartridge 298
JENSEN cartridge 13
JENSEN cartridge 18
JENSEN cartridge 19
JENSEN cartridge 20
JENSEN cartridge 21
JENSEN cartridge 22
JENSEN cartridge 23
JENSEN cartridge 24
JENSEN cartridge 25
JENSEN cartridge 26
JENSEN cartridge 27
JENSEN cartridge 28
JENSEN cartridge 34
JENSEN cartridge 38
These are crystal cartridge and by now are often bad. To test your cartridge before purchasing a new needle, you should be able to hear your fingerprints run across the old needle as you gently stroke the tip from back to front, not side to side.

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