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Ortofon OMB 30 Cartridge Plug-n-Spin Kit
Ortofon OMB30 plug n spin kit w/silver S-arm headshell

Ortofon OMB 30 Cartridge Plug-n-Spin Kit

Complete Solution for an empty tonearm

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With S-arm Shell (Black)
With S-arm Shell (Silver)
With S-arm Shell (Polished) (+$6.00)
With Straight Arm Shell(black)
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With Ortofon Stylus 30 Mounted
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Ortofon OMB30 BLISS Hybrid Cartridge plug-n-spin kit

As pictured above, this is our Ortofon OMB30 based plug-n-spin kit. (aka Plug~n~Play)

Although Ortofon has discontinued their Super OM series cartridges, we have a limited supply of N.O.S. (New Old Stock) Genuine Ortofon OMB cartridges. We install a new current production Genuine Ortofon Stylus 30 as our technician inspects the cartridge prior to shipment. Includes 1 year warranty.

You will receive a complete solution that is ready to plug into most any "S-shaped" curved tonearm. You can be up and spinning in a few moments. Upon receipt in almost all cases, all you will have to do is
perform tracking adjustment per below instructions.

Note that the cartridge arrives mounted to the headshell aligned to basic industry standards with a 52mm overhang, but not custom precision-aligned to your specific turntable. This means that in most cases it will work out of the box but the more discerning ear may want to do some additional alignment as there is no way our technician can align it to your specific turntable.

How do I adjust tracking pressure and anti skate?
If you are lucky enough to have these two adjustments, move tracking force counter weight until the needle hovers perfectly balanced above the record. Now rotate the dial with numbers (not the weight itself) to zero. (this is zero grams pressure on record) then rotate weight AND numbers together to the recommended tracking pressure for your needle. Then rotate anti skate to have a setting of equal value. Basically you want the least amount of needle pressure pushing down on the record as possible without it skipping or sounding bad. That will give you the longest life from your needle and records.

NOTE: Anti skate is adjusting side to side pressure WITHIN GROOVE of record. Tracking pressure is how hard the needle is pushing down inside the groove.

If your tonearm has a height-adjustable base, make sure the arm is parallel with the record surface.

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