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S500ID Type Shibata Stylus for Empire 500ID | Stock# 241-DSH
OBSOLETE Empire S500ID Shown for Reference Only

S500ID Type Shibata Stylus for Empire 500ID | Stock# 241-DSH

Replacement Needle/Stylus Assembly
Oregon USA Stock - 0-24hr Shipping!
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  • $147.50
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  • $147.00

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S500ID Type Shibata Upgrade for Empire 500ID Cartridge

If you prefer an economical solution (moderate downgrade) then please view needle 241-DE below.

You can now select the highly prized Shibata cut diamond tip for this body style. Shibata is the absolute best you can get in this price range. The shibata cut will bring out details you never even imagined existed on the record and clearly bring forth information that is compressed away if you have listened to the same music in mp3 format.

This shibata tipped needle made in Japan will transform any compatible cartridge with a lesser-equipped stylus into a high end playback solution capable of exceptionally faithful, clear and true sound reproduction.

• stereo and mono ready - quadraphonic system not required to enjoy the near perfect sound reproduction that shibata tipped needles offer.
Shibata needles have maximum contact with the record groove, better than conical, elliptical and hyperelliptical tips.
For any type of quadraphonic (4-channel) record playback, be it of the discrete (CD-4) or matrix (SQ) variety, in addition to this quality shibata stylus, the following components of a complete quad system must all be present and in working order:

  1. A Cartridge sold originally as being capable of 4-channel playback.
  2. A Record originally pressed with decodable information for channels 3 and 4 that is still in good condition. A record that is too worn will lose it's ability to provide the high carrier frequency needed for the amp to decode the rear channels even though you may still be able to hear the two primary left and right channels just fine. The record jacket will clearly advertise (brag) about this capability if it is present.
  3. A receiver or amplifier with the needed circuitry which is still functional. Capacitors and edge-connector connections often fail in these circuits leaving them no longer capable of decoding the rear channels 3 and 4.
  4. and of course 4 speakers hooked up correctly and situated in the 4 corners of a standard listening room.

Original needle color is usually: translucent PURPLE

5 Stars
Another Fine Jico Product
The sound is smooth, full with groove noise low with clean/clear vinyl. It loves piano, classical and pop music equally. The shibata is very nice but bonded, not my favorite system. Cantilever is not tapered so the mass isn't the lowest it might be. It's a super nice looking stylus as a whole and with fit a wide range: OP-4, 400TC, 500ID, LTD500, LTD750, 600LAC, 1000GT and others. It's a can't miss stylus and rated a 5 star with me.
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Reviewed by:  from Oregon USA. on 4/21/2012

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