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5 in 1 LP Record Side Tally Deluxe Counter
5 in 1 LP Record Side Tally Deluxe Counter

5 in 1 LP Record Side Tally Deluxe Counter

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Five in One LP Record Deluxe Tally Counter

The BLISS™ LP Deluxe Side Counter helps you track how many sides of a record you've played.  You simply push it once for each side you play. Then you simply reference our cheat sheet to approximate record sides played to hours of usage.

Now, at twelve bucks, this is not an hours timer, but is instead a tool to allow you to count how many record sides you have played so as to remove turntable stylus replacement guesswork for the price of a bowl of soup, not the price ($20-$70) of typical new stylus like some hours timers because then it's like what's the point? (unless we are talking about high end audiophile styli or cartridges) A more accurate hours counter would require you to install a sensor or remember to push both a start and stop button each time you start and stop the record.

Unique Deluxe Features not Found in Standard Model:

  • Includes two AG10 type batteries installed.
  • If batteries still have some life, the unit retains memory when replacing batteries one at a time. (Unit has two individual battery bays).
  • Five counters in one.  Effortlessly switch the LCD display among counter "channel" numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on display. 
  • Four second blue backlit display for low light conditions
  • Comes in white only.

In order to provide you a single button press simple and cheap solution to estimate cartridge, vacuum tube, platter belt, LP record or stylus tip wear, we simply searched how long the average side of a typical LP record has been over the decades and have included our simple cheat sheet with the tally counter which also includes generally accepted industry standard wear life estimates for both sapphire and diamond tips so you can have a pretty good idea of when it's a good time to start thinking about a new needle.  Since several local conditions affect stylus life, this deluxe counter with our cheat sheet is much better than having no idea or waiting until the sound deteriorates as well as being accurate enough to get the job of estimating done for all but the most high end collections.

  1. Play record. 
  2. Push button one time to activate LCD display.
  3. Push button one more time to advance the counter by one at any time during the playback of one side of a record.  If playing a song here and there, advance counter by one for roughly every 22 minutes of playback.

  • Has auto LCD display shutoff display so batteries can last years.
  • We did not research typical side times for 16, 45, nor 78RPM records.
  • Endorsed by our senior electronics technician

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