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top-ten Stylus Harmony

Brand:Private Label
10 best selling needles wholesale
Oregon USA Stock - 0-24hr Shipping!

For record/music stores or repair shops only! (we must be able to verify your existence as such, through the internet, or callerID)

Several record shops have called asking for this array to get their feet wet at selling some needles. Having 13 total of the top 10 most popular styli in stock will help you to provide a solution to probably at least 50% of your customers coming in looking for a stylus. Considering there are over 1000 different needle types they might hit you with, that is a very good solution rate. Don't worry you won't have any dead stock in this package.

The purchase of this package also gets you a wholesale code for future website purchases (excluding this package) to help you harness that foot traffic, we have this package set at $169 which comes out to just $13 per stylus.

Shops or record stores purchasing this package will also receive:
secret code for:
> 15% discount on future online purchases of "most items" excluding some items where we are contractually bound to a M.A.P. price. 
 You will be notified prior to shipment if this issue comes up.
> These discounts are combinable with any quantity discounts already in place on our site.

This wholesale package will net you:
TWO 213- body style 213 -D6-copy
TWO 211- body style 211 -D6T-copy
TWO 718- body style 718 -D7

ONE 111- body style 111 -D7-copy ONE 200- body style 200 -D7-copy
710- body style 710 -D7-copy ONE 793- body style 793 -D7
901- body style 901 -D7 ONE M-854 body style M-854 -DS77

ONE 557- body style 557 -DS77

Remember you will actually get THIRTEEN needles total. They will come individually packaged, in attractive clear snap boxes protected with foam inserts and a little instruction sheet.

15% discount is not applicable on future purchases of this "harmony" product. We reserve the right to adjust or eliminate this discount at any time.

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