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Astatic 457 Ceramic Record Player Pickup
Stock Photo - Color/Markings May Vary

Astatic 457 Ceramic Record Player Pickup

Ceramic Cart. w/spare needle
Oregon USA Stock - 0-24hr Shipping

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Astatic 457 Type New Old Stock Legacy Phonograph Pickup

Replaces:SONOTONE 3T-LB 3T-LB-SSONOTONE 3T-LB-D 3T-LB-SD (MAY differ but still recommended)SEARS ROEBUCK 33-286-0 33-286-1 720126
This cartridge comes with an Astatic N54 type 'flip needle' both sides are sapphire, one tip is 1mil LP MONO and the other is 3mil for 78rpm.

• This Legacy Cartridge is New Old Stock.
• May be tarnished or dulled from age.
•Tech Tested/Passed before shipment
•1 YEAR BLISS™ Warranty
•Free installation help by phone/email/chat
• May send equivilant brand or product revision depending on availability
• Includes factory supplied needle. Click on image for 360° view.

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