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Astatic 76-TSB Ceramic Record Player Pickup
Stock Photo - Color/Markings May Vary

Astatic 76-TSB Ceramic Record Player Pickup

Ceramic Cartridge for Many Phonographs/Record Players
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This Cartridge is New Old Stock.
It may show signs of tarnish or dulling from sitting around for decades but should otherwise be functional.
We have a free exchange policy.
You may receive an equivilant cross reference to a different brand.
Original part numbers and turntable brands coming soon.
Cartridges always come with a needle assembly in stalled. Usually 78/LP all speed.

Cartridge Specifications:

• Element Type: Crystal
• Output Voltage:2.0
• Tracking Pressure:8gr.
• Frequency Range:50-10K
• Speed(s): All

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