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Cartridge M78S
Stock Photo - Color/Markings May Vary

Cartridge M78S

Complete Cartridge, Includes Needle.
We no longer carry this. See below.

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    We no longer carry this, see below for similar offerings.

    Because this cartridge is mounted on the the headshell with two vertically mounted screws, side by side, 1/2" apart, it is known as a 1/2" mount cartridge. Other mounting characteristics are that it has 4 exposed wires in the back and is almost never found on a linear tracking turntable.

    The headshell is the hardware attached to the end of the tonearm that is usually distinguished by the 'handle' that sticks out to the right for lifting the tonearm over to the record from the rest position. If your turntable is linear tracking it means the whole tonearm slides several inches from side to side as opposed to the standard type usually designated 'straight' or 'S shaped' which pivots on a stationary 'hub' assembly at the right rear corner of the turntable. A linear tracking turntable will generally have buttons you must operate to move the tonearm and will almost always be found with a (T4P) Pmount cartridge. (Go back up one category and click on Pmount).

    Often people think they must have a brand of cartridge that matches their turntable brand. This is totally unecessary and often impossible to achieve these days. In fact, the vast majority of turntable manufacturers, had a third party cartridge manufacturer make the cartridge on their behalf. Also, cartridge wiring connections usually go straight to your amplifier, receiver or computer thus allowing the turntable to make no direct electrical changes to the cartridge output signal.

Specifications: Shure M78S 1/2" mount Cartridge w/78rpm needle.

      Stylus: Pollished natural diamond sperical 64u (2.5mil) radius
      Cantilever: Aluminum Alloy
      Tracking Force: 1.5 - 3 grams
      Output Level: 4.0mV @ 5cm/sec. @ 1Khz
      Frequency Range: not given in Shure literature
      Cross Talk: not given in Shure literature
      Load Impedance: >47K w/200-300pF/channel w/tonearm/amp in cap.
      Inductance: 425 mH
      DC Resistance: 975K ohms
      Compliance: not given in Shure literature
      Weight: 6.2 grams (Cartridge/Needle total)
      Channel Balance: not given in Shure literature
      Channel Seperation: not given in Shure literature
      This cartridge comes installed with jumper wires on the rear posts to make it mono
      which can be removed to play stereo 33/45 in conjunction with our 766-D7 type needle.

Comments: The tip on the needle supplied is 2.5 mil wide which is just slightly smaller than the standard 3 mil tip. This will allow the tip to ride just very slightly deeper in the groove. This can result, potentially, in the tip riding in an area of the groove that may not be nearly as worn from years of playback, theoretically allowing a little more data for the computer software to work with if you are converting 78 rpm records to CD or even just for everyday listening.

There are two ways of connecting a stereo cartridge to make it "mono". One is for lateral and the other for vertical cut records.
lateral version:
The left + is signal, then the left-ground goes to the right+signal and the right-ground is then the ground-signal.
So: L+ (white) is the + Out from the cartridge
LGround (blue) is jumpered to R+ red
RGround green is the (-) out from the cartridge.

Colors mentioned are typical not absolute.

And for vertical cut records:

Jumper together the Left + to the Right + then
Jumper together the Left (-) to the Right (-)
Now connect either + pin to the + wire coming through the tonearm, same for the negative side.

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