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D71EE Type BLISS™ Hyperelliptical Upgrade Stylus, D71E for Stanton L720 etc | Stock# 827-DHE
Stock Photo - Color/Markings/Shape May Vary

D71EE Type BLISS™ Hyperelliptical Upgrade Stylus, D71E for Stanton L720 etc | Stock# 827-DHE

Replacement Needle/Stylus Assembly

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Quality Level
Hyperelliptical - Finished in USA of Int'l Components
Oregon USA Stock - 0-24hr Shipping!

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D71EE Type Hyperelliptical Upgrade for Stanton L720 Cartridges etc.

Modernized with a hyperelliptical diamond tip, which incredibly upgrades the original .4 x .7 tip.

Replaces: STANTON NEEDLES D70E D71-2E D71EE D57P
Updates/Modernizes the now obsolete older body style of the D71E.
Used In: STANTON 521EEP L717E 701E 996EEE HT110E L91 L92 L720EE L725E MMP Mark II P14A P30 P65E P66 P666E L717 PL10E PM100 PMTONE PRO-16 PRO-2000 PRO-216 PRO-3000 PRO-EE PROMIXER 1800 SL21 PLUS SL50 STUDIO-P

upgrades to these other universal numbers to "audiophile" quality.
PFANSTIEHL 4609-DE(white), 826-DE(OEM, black), 4826-DE(copy, black)

STANTON CARTRIDGES 521-EE-P 521EEP L717E 701E 996EEE HT-110E HT110E L-91 L91 L-92 L92 L720EE L725E MMP-MK-11 MMPMK11 P-14A P14A P-30 P30 P-65E P65E P-66 P66 P-666E P666E L717 PL-10E PL10E PM-100 PM100 PMT-ONE PMTONE PRO-16 PRO16 PRO-2000 PRO2000 PRO-216 PRO216 PRO-3000 PRO3000 PRO-EE PROEE PROMIXER 1800 SL-21 PLUS SL21 PLUS SL-50 SL50 STUDIO-P STUDIOP

NOTE: Because this needle is designed for use specifically with STANTON cartridges, it can be found in numerous brands of turntables. In some cases the cartridges for this needle may be original equipment supplied with a new turntable, but was also likely to have been selected at time of sale to complete a turntable sold without a cartridge or later as an upgrade to the original cartridge supplied by the turntable manufacturer. This needle should be matched primarily to the STANTON cartridge type not necessarily the turntable.

Hyperelliptical needles have more efficient contact with the surface of the record than a conical or elliptical tip.
Original needle color is usually: BLACK

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