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Record Groove Cleaning System - 1.4 Oz Fluid
LP Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

Record Groove Cleaning System - 1.4 Oz Fluid

Brand:BLISS™ Site-Buster NO Coupon Req'd
Modern Discwasher Alternative
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LP Record Cleaner Kit + 1.4oz Cleaning Fluid

Bliss™ Brand Vinyl Record Cleaning System Includes:
  • Velvet Record Cleaning Pad gently reaches into the groove.
  • Molded handle - Includes cutout for pad maintenance cleaning brush.
  • Factory sealed retail package.

Clean records are vital for snap/crackle/pop reduced listening not only now but forever. Check this out. When the diamond needle tip runs over your record, it is several hundred Fº at the point of contact, for just a split second, it actually melts the vinyl. The bummer is that if there is a spec of dust there, it may get melted into the vinyl, FOREVER and will always give you a nice little snap, crack or pop EVERY SINGLE TIME you play that record.

The time to keep your records clean is NOW before you ever spin them again.

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