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Empire Moving Coil Cartridge MC5 Ernst Benz
Empire Moving Coil Cartridge MC5 Ernst Benz

Empire Moving Coil Cartridge MC5 Ernst Benz

Stock#:Empire MC5
Requires Compatible Receiver/Amp
Out of Stock

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PLEASE NOTE: This cartridge is obsolete forever, we can never get anymore, ever. We are leaving this page on our site for posterity. See related products below for a high quality Empire EDR.9 moving magnet alternative.

IMPORTANT! This is a Moving Coil cartridge. You should have an awareness of moving coil cartridges before considering this product. For best performance you should have a seperate preamp designed for MC cartridges or a receiver or amp that specifically accepts moving coil cartridges. This is usually indicated by the presence of a MM/MC switch near the phono inputs.

This is an incredible find! Ever heard of 'vaporware' - a great new product that never materializes, well this was one of those cases where an item was leaked to be just around the corner way back in the day. Sometime following the release of the MC3 in 1985 it was to be the top of the line Empire cartridge. But then Ernst Benz, as we understand it, sold Audio Empire and the MC5 was never to be. Click Ernst Benz for a little general history of him and Benz Micro. Apparently they got shelved till now. They don't come with paperwork but we will include a few little extras like jumper wires.

for now here are some reported specs on this cartridge per an auction on Ebay. Per our competition who sometimes gets over $300 on ebay for this unit, it has 5-50khz response, a whopping 35dB channel seperation, .35mV output and playable tracking force starting at .25 grams!! allthough .8-1.0 grams is more real world.

Additionally, we have observed that this unit also has a 'nude' natural diamond tip, not a 'cheap' bonded tip. We are very confident that this cartridge will not dissapoint either the aspiring or most demanding audiophile! So we will offer a 100% refund if you are not completely overjoyed with this product! Since only the most careful of audiophiles would purchase such a product, we know that should you have to return it, it's understood that it must be received in perfect condition for a 100% refund, with not more than a song or two of wear on the needle.

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