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Goldring Needle D22GX for G1020 G1022 & G1022GX Cartridges
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Goldring Needle D22GX for G1020 G1022 & G1022GX Cartridges

Needle, Requires your existing cartridge.
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Goldring D22GX STYLUS

for the 1020, 1022, & the 1022GX cartridges.

  • D12GX is the "Gyger-2" (fine line) Stylus (for 1012GX cartridge)
  • D22GX is the "Gyger-1" fine line-contact Stylus.? This product (for 1022GX cartridge)
  • D42 is called the "Gyger S" (for 1042 cartridge)
  • All are interchangeable quality levels.
The 1022GX is recommended for the discerning listener. The diamond stylus is a Gyger-1 fine line-contact type, which provides increased resolution and ensures the maximum accuracy of musical reproduction.

Also provides a Genuine OEM stylus for the Roksan Corus Black Cartridge.

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