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JN-555 Shibata Stylus for Tonar JT-555 Cartridge
JN-555 Shibata Stylus for Tonar JT-555 Cartridge

JN-555 Shibata Stylus for Tonar JT-555 Cartridge

Nagaoka type JN-555

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This Nagaoka-type JN-555 with nude (natural diamond) SHIBATA tip. It comes to us bulk without any branding but we know it came out of the same factory because we have the import documents to show country of origin is Japan and the description is "NAGAOKA JN-555 NO MARKINGS".

For a significant improvement in needle performance, the following demands are made upon the performance of the stylus tip:
  1. It must trace the groove accurately.
  2. It must not damage the record prematurely.
  3. It must have a long service live.
These three conditions are critical. With the ULTRA-EX (shibata shaped) stylus tip, the total solution of these problems has been achieved by a completely novel response to the challenge. To improve the form of the stylus tip first a successful 500% lengthening of the line of contact between the stylus and the record results in a corresponding five-fold reduction in the pressure (the force per unit area) on the groove walls. This means that the damage to the record is reduced by the same ratio (with a generally similar increase in stylus life.) Furthermore, the reduction in the radii of curvature of the tip contact to between one half and one third of the previous values, makes it possible to reproduce the ultra-high frequency range. Surface finish, also, is ground to the ideal smoothness by new technological developments.

  • Stylus - Ultra-Ex (NUDE SHIBATA)
  • Nominal Tracking Weight - 1.3g (13mN) +/-.2g
  • Stylus - Ultra Extended JN-555
  • Cantilever - Solid Black Carbon

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