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With backgrounds in the semiconductor handling and consumer electronics repair industries combined with our extensive cartridge and stylus experience, you can be assured that of all our brands, we are most excited about the Soundsmith lineup.  The reason is innovation.  SS stands out among all other cartridge manufacturers as one that is actively advancing the art with new solutions to decades old problems. 

Briefly, their entire ES lineup shown below provides a way for the customer to:

  1. Adjust azimuth (rotation as viewed from the front).
  2. Isolate ground hum issues by optionally isolating the cartridge body from the tonearm as needed.

The ES series by design:

  1. Reduces unwanted feedback harmonics that travel backwards back down into the stylus which introduces "jitter" at the stylus tip.
  2. Reduces effective mass at the cartridge end of the cantilever pivot system which allows for a lighter mass that has to move in response to the groove.

Call for details or to purchase Soundsmith products.

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