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Tetrad Missing Ceramic Cartridge Coupler
1= The Problem, 2= Prepare for Repair, 3= New Coupler installed, 4= Ready to Play

Tetrad Missing Ceramic Cartridge Coupler

Tetrad Coupler
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Mystery Missing Ceramic Coupler Caper - Solved!

Got no sound and your new flip-over needle is dragging across the record? This may be what you need.

Tetrad ceramic cartridges were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s and so were found in 1000s of record player models of the day.  They work great but sometimes the coupler goes M.I.A.  The pink rubber coupler pictured center above,  transfers stylus vibrations from the needle assembly up to the ceramic cartridge elements but until now the only way to replace it was to replace the entire cartridge; a costly and often difficult endeavor.  But now starting in 2020, with another BLISS™ 1st found nowhere else as of press time, you can install a new coupler yourself with a moderate amount of difficulty.

To install a new coupler, you will need:

  • A pair of fine tweezers.
  • A pair of good eyes or magnification and good lighting.
  • A steady hand.

You may also need an X-acto knife to remove bits of the old coupler from the ceramic elements.  This must be done very carefully as ceramic is brittle.  All operations on the elements must run forward and back.  The elements cannot tolerate very much lateral pressure.  You may wish to optionally add a drop of glue to secure your new coupler but this may cause more trouble than its worth.

ALERT:  Please accept full responsibility when purchasing this item.  There is a risk you might break the ceramic elements and you will still have to install a new cartridge.  But if you succeed, you could save $25 - $50 or more.  This coupler is for all tetrad type cartridges.  This same issue can occur on any other brand or type of ceramic cartridge.  This coupler will probably not fit other brands of ceramic cartridges....but then again it might!  buyer beware.  

You will receive only the pink rubber coupler pictured center above.

5 Stars
Coupler saved my cartridge
My needle was held at an angle to the cartridge and just skated across the record. Replacing my crumbled rubber coupler with the new one saved me from having to buy a whole new cartridge.
Helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from CA. on 4/11/2021
5 Stars
What a lifesaver!
Such a tiny little piece that made my player unusable. This little sucker saved the day!
Reviewed by:  from Colorado. on 2/14/2022

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