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Digitrac Needle NE - Modern Shibata Substitute
OBSOLETE Digitrac Needle Shown for Size Reference Only

Digitrac Needle NE - Modern Shibata Substitute

Shibata Substitute for Digitrac Stylus NE

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Digitrac Stylus NE Modern Shibata Substitute

This is a shibata needle which is the best cut available for Digitrac cartridges.

Digitrac needles are long since obsolete but this modern BLISS brand stylus designed for use with the entire Digitrac line provides restoration to your Digitrac cartridge as a shibata tipped upgrade to the NE needle. You can use it to turn any Digitrac cartridge listed below into a high end shibata solution sure to be well respected by audiophiles of any level. Even thought the bonded shibata cut tip is not nude like the NE was, it would still be considered a solid upgrade to the NE stylus as the shibata cut was invented specifically to extract the maximum amount of musical information from your grooves.

S= Spherical (conical, entry level) found in the 190SBX cartridge.
E= Elliptical
NE= Nude (natural diamond) Elliptical (Obsolete)
SE= SUPER Elliptical (Originally sold with the 300E cartridge.) Best version.

Digitrac was a line put out by Ortofon for a short while. Replaces needles found in the Digitrac 100E, 190, 200, 280E & 300 cartridges. If you have any further info please let us know.

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