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Stanton L680EL - T4P DJ Cartridge
Stock Photo - Color/Markings May Vary

Stanton L680EL - T4P DJ Cartridge

Complete Cartridge, Includes Needle.
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Stanton L680EL cartridge for Pmount tonearms only.

    From the literature: " The stylus in this cartridge has been fabricated to a special large tracing radius elliptical geometry. This gives it a greatly improved response, particularly at high frequencies, and yet is gentle to the record groove during back cueing........The L680EL cartridge is a P-Mount version of the Stanton 680EL...it is the "ruggedized" version of one of the finest sounding cartridges Stanton has ever developed.....The L680EL has an extra weight attached to it so that when the cartridge is used in the P-Mount tone arm, which is normally preset for 1.25 grams of vertical tracking force, the effective tracking force is increased to 3.75 grams. This allows for reliable and successful back cueing practiced in disco and radio work.

    From us: The extra weight is glued into place on the top of the cartridge. At your discretion, you can remove it with pliers to get back to 1.25 grams. Yes this is a DJ setup, but because it has an elliptical diamond it will work very nicely in a decent HiFi setup. Most DJ tips are conical which is considered entry level for HiFi use. Additionally DJ means that it has a big fat strong cantilever so you can spin the record either direction. The cantilever is the little stem that extends the diamond tip onto the record.

    Because this cartridge plugs directly into a rectangular socket at the end of the tonearm, it is known at a T4P P-Mount cartridge.

    Notes: If your turntable is linear tracking it means the whole tonearm slides several inches from side to side as opposed to the standard type usually designated 'straight' or 'S shaped' which pivots on a stationary 'hub' assembly at the right rear corner of the turntable. A linear tracking turntable will generally have buttons you must operate to move the tonearm and will almost always be found with a Pmount cartridge. (Go back up one category and click on 1/2" mount if your turntable does not fit the linear tracking description above.)

    Myth: Often people think they must have a brand of cartridge that matches their turntable brand. This is totally unnecessary and often impossible to achieve these days. In fact, the vast majority of turntable manufacturers, had a third party cartridge manufacturer make the cartridge on their behalf. Also cartridge wiring connections usually go straight to your amplifier, receiver or computer thus allowing the turntable to make no direct electrical changes to the cartridge output signal.

Specifications: Stanton L680EL (T4P) P-Mount DJ (HiFi is also just fine) Cartridge

    Stylus: Bonded Diamond .4 x .7 Elliptical
    Cantilever: Aluminum Alloy
    Resultant Tracking Force: 3.5 - 4 grams NOTE: Cartrdige is designed for DJ use.
    (Above Tforce results at standard tonearm setting of 1.25 grams)
    Nominal Output Level: 1.1mV/cm/sec. +/- 2dB
    Frequency Range: 20-18Khz
    Cross Talk: 18dB @ 1Khz
    Load Impedance: >47K w/275pF ohms
    Inductance: Approx 930 mH
    DC Resistance: Approx 1.3K ohms
    Compliance: 4.2 x 10-6 cm/dyne
    Weight: 8.7 grams (Cartridge/Needle total)as pictured above.
    Channel Balance: within 2dB
    Channel Seperation: 30dB

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