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Turntable Cartridge Headshell Mounting Hardware Brass Screw Kit
Complete brass screw kit w/ convenient thumb drive nuts

Turntable Cartridge Headshell Mounting Hardware Brass Screw Kit

Cartridge Hardware Kit

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Phono Cartridge Hardware Screw Set - Brass

Ease of use was our primary focus in creating this kit. Not much thought seems to be put into the hardware included with most phono cartridges. It seems 3 or 4 hands are needed to use the standard hardware included with turntable cartridges. Our brass cartridge hardware kit featuring knurled nuts will provide a secure connection for most any standard mount cartridge to virtually all standard mount headshells. Using non-magnetic brass for your cartridge hardware will ensure it will not interfere with or get pulled into any magnetic components during the installation process, which is especially important when setting up moving coil cartridges as the stylus is often not removable.

Why pay up to $50! (March 2017) elsewhere to get sometimes huge/heavy knurled screws for easy of installation? That may be easy on the fingers but not on music lover's pockets. We had this size knurled nut customized down to the perfect size to fit the cartridge body cutout of virtually any cartridge, even including the tight nut cutout specs of the AT95E.

Assembled with these Features in mind:

  • Knurled nuts means just two hands to install your cartridge. Your fingertip, not a wrench is needed to hold or turn the nut.
  • Knurled nuts means just two hands to align your cartridge with less frustration.
  • Knurled nuts means you can install the nuts above the headshell for potentially faster adjustments. (or a tiny steampunk look)

This turntable cartridge to tonearm headshell mounting hardware kit contains:

2 thumbscrews 4mm O.D. x 3.5mm tall
2 nylon washers
2 screws 16mm
2 screws 12mm
2 screws 10mm
2 screws  8mm
1 Phillips screwdriver
Manufactured in China - Assembled in USA

Note: Out of the 1000s of cartridge models ever made, there are some models that require special screws that are even longer than 16mm. Make sure to check your cartridge 1st. See our long screw kit in related items below for a colossal 18mm screw kit that may be necessary in some rare cases with photo example.

4 Stars
Cartridge mounting kit
Slight problem with the order--resolved quickly. Only beef would be that there is only one pair of nuts in the kit. Ultra-miniature screwdriver was helpful, quite q suprise.
Helpful?  1 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from south of Somewhere. on 10/11/2020
5 Stars
Lord of All I Survey
Really nice set of cartridge mounting hardware. Several lengths to choose from (though I would have preferred several of one length rather than having to buy two kits to get four of the same size),and a screwdriver, too! It is worth noting that not only are these Phillips head (a good thing!) but the little screwdriver provided fits in the 'x' with minimal slop (a very good thing!!). For anyone with an extensive tool kit, an Xcelite P125 (blue) fits the same and gives a bit better grip because of its larger handle. Overall, a good kit, priced fairly, and delivered quickly. Definitely worth 5 stars!
Helpful?  1 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Massachusetts. on 8/28/2017
5 Stars
Headshell mounting ki
A must have for turntable enthusiasts! A very nice kit for those who need to replace their cartridges. Many thanks.
Reviewed by:  from Lloyd, FL. on 5/23/2021
5 Stars
Perfect - exactly what I needed
I needed longer mounting screws to install a new cartridge with an Origin Live headshell decoupler. Original screws too short. This brass screw kit is exactly what I needed. Perfect. And it came quickly, too.
Reviewed by:  from BC, Canada. on 7/27/2021
5 Stars
It works....
Nice kit....bought two for my MC/MM cartridges. It works perfectly. Need to buy a couple more just in case. Also price was excellent.
Reviewed by:  from Littleton . on 12/28/2021
5 Stars
Spare parts
This kit should fill most requirements for installing a cartridge. It's nice to have some spare parts in the toolbox and this kit is the answer. And non-magnetic as well! a good deal for any turntable tinkerers. Kyle is very helpful for answereing any questions you have. A good guy.
Reviewed by:  from Burlington, KY.. on 2/21/2022
5 Stars
Phono cartridge mounting hardware
Just what the doctor ordered! This hardware made installing my cartridge a lot easier than would otherwise be the case, as my fingers lack normal dexterity. I'm very pleased.
Helpful?  0 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Front Royal, VA. on 2/9/2019
5 Stars
mounting screws for cartridge
Great product, Thanks
Helpful?  0 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Birmingham. on 3/6/2019
5 Stars
mounting hardware
worked great
Helpful?  0 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from florida. on 9/15/2019
5 Stars
A Must Have.
If your cartridge does not have captive nuts (why does that sound obscene?), you want this. On my arm, getting your nuts on (again?) can be "fiddly" (!). But these knurled gems with various length brass bolts will solve most butter-fingered fondling of nuts (sorry).
Helpful?  0 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Mendocino County. on 4/1/2020
5 Stars
This is one item that many or most users of a TT probably don't think about. If you have anything that is made of a conductive metal around an electrical device then it will be a passage way for that electricity. Brass is non-conductive and will not act as a grounding path.
Helpful?  0 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Livingston,La.. on 9/4/2017
5 Stars
Brass Screw Kit
Excellent kit. Exceeded my expectations. I obtained an OEM cartridge that came without mounting hardware. This kit was good quality and provides all the bolts, nuts and washers you need, and even includes an appropriate screwdriver.
Helpful?  0 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 11/9/2019
4 Stars
Brass turn
Good set of brass screws for cartridge mounting. Love the size assortment and the nominal weight of the screws. Must have this in your repair/upgrade phono toolbox.
Helpful?  0 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from NC. on 1/15/2020

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